Creative In A Pandemic

How To Be Creative In A Pandemic

I think this pandemic has really (and is continuing to) hit us all in very different ways, but I’ve found it’s actually drastically influencing my creativity. So how can I be creative during a

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Backpacking in Brazil (Part 1)

Yes. You read it right. I went solo-backpacking in Brazil. As a woman. ‘Oooooooh scaaaryyyyy!’….. Seriously though, all anyone ever said when I told them I was going to travel around Brazil for two

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independent artist journey

Checking In

Alright. So, on my journey to become an independent artist, I vowed to check in on myself every couple of months , to see where my efforts have brought me and to assess my

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Hi! I’m Maika Rose, a vocalist from Hamburg. I enjoy writing about music, travel and my life in general! My blog gives answers to everyday problems I face as a musician!

I love soul, jazz, funk and pop and a lot more, ask me a question if you want to know more!